Artist Statement - What I love about Art + Design

“Globs of paint,
brushstrokes of color,
the surprise of texture, and passion of creativity.

I am the painterly storyteller
using mixed media
to embellish the story and emotion of the artwork.

In my design of art,
1 + 1 does not equal 2,
art equals an infinite creative process beyond the sum of parts.

Paintings are cinematic, engaging the viewer to participate in my movie.
Missing details, lost and found edges, gestures of figures,
color and texture draw the eye into my work, creating surprise,
as paint wraps around the canvas profile.

I leave only what is necessary from previous layers
of texture, abstract form, shape, color, and line,
leaving the viewer to fill in their own version of the story.

Tapping into my humor & avid curiosity,
I grab whatever media is within my reach,
building layers of mixed media, charcoal, photos, music, handmade papers, I
scratch & scribble my way across the canvas.

Artistic blocks are part of the process,
a nagging little voice echoes inside, telling me,
“Do NOT quit your day job!”

I AM the artist,
THIS IS my day job,
I turn down the volume and press on!

Now I know who I am, & what I was meant to do with my life.

The paint starts flying…..
landing not only onto canvas, but skin, clothing, & walls too.

Everything is a canvas when art is happening at my studio.