What I love most about Art + Design

I love globs of paint, brushstrokes of color, the surprise of texture, and passion of creativity. 

1 + 1 does not = 2 in my design of art.

Art equals an infinite creative process beyond the sum of parts.


My paintings are cinematic, engaging the viewer to participate in my ‘movie.’

Missing details, lost & found edges,

gestures of figures, color, & texture

draw the eye into my work,

creating surprise as paint wraps around the canvas profile.


I leave only what is necessary from previous layers of

texture, abstract form, shape, color, & line,

leaving the viewer to fill in their own version of the story.


Tapping into my humor & avid curiosity, I grab whatever media is within my reach.

Building layers of a painting can include mixed media of charcoal, photos, music, handmade papers,

as I scratch & scumble my way across the canvas.


On the ”artistically blocked” day... a nagging little voice echoes inside, telling me:

“Do NOT quit your day job!”

  I then realize...

                        I AM an artist... This IS my DAY JOB! 

                                           ...I turn down the volume & press on!

 Now I trust who I am, and I know what I was meant to do with my life.

 The paint starts to fly... onto skin, clothing, floors, walls, and even onto the ceiling! 

 Everything is a palette, paint, & canvas when my art is happening!


Suzanne McCourt