"Golf Links To The Past


Feb. 2013-Andy Reistetter & I at Pebble Beach Golf Links To The Past.  If you squint you can see Kip, The Proprietor, in window! Fabulous shoppe of golf iconic golf items from exquisite items from the golf past.


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HUGE HUGE Thanks to Monterey Peninsula Foundation for inviting me to take the roller coaster ride!  I am fore-ever grateful! Ollie, Steve W, New Steve J, Nettie, Cathy, Amanda, Cindy SC, Cindy ZS, Diana,Juanita, Susanne, Patty, ...and all others....you know who you are!! Monterey is the charitable organization since the first Crosby@ Pebble Beach in 1947.  Monterey Peninsula Fdn has raised over $100 million for charities to our Central Coast and more.  Natures Valley First Tee & AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm are the 2 tournaments supported by Monterey Peninsula Fdn.


Autographing 2010 COVER STORIES: Celebrating Tournament Program Cover Art.  Only female to have been an invitational artist since 1947 Crosby began at Pebble.  COVER STORIES was published for 2010 25th Anniversary of AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm. & am am happy to have squeeked into the last page with other phenomenal artists as Leroy Neiman, Charles Schultz, & my art buddy/my dad's Crosby buddy, Hank Ketcham, creator of Dennis The Menace.

Below:  My show @ Images Gallery of The Lodge at Pebble Beach for 2010 25th Anniversary of AT&T


"Golf Links To The Past"  Wow...at this very moment I realized that these 5 words succinctly capture my life's journey.

The Crosby, The AT&T, & a red box of memorabilia I found at our family home, as I dug through an old wooden carved chest, would intersect my professional art career with our family golf legacy.  My late dad was a highly ranked amateur golfer carving his own career from 40's to 70's.  Each day I revisit my dad's memorabilia a dust off a new bit of information to piece together the pieces of our family puzzle that enlightens the healing of a life I never experienced with him.

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